Friday, January 13, 2012


Update 10/21/14: Please follow this link to my newer blog 

I love to create. My urge to "start a project" developed in middle school and has not lessened since. My work and school schedules wax and wane but I continue along with my projects. I usually have something in the works and dedicate my time when I have it to give.

Thus far I have made:
  • ten lap quilts
  • quilled snowflake ornaments
  • wire star ornaments
  • cross stitch ornaments
  • one minor cross stitch project
  • one major cross stitch project
  • Thumbtack pumpkins
  • a hollow book 
These projects have been completed in chunks of time. Often I have to stop my projects for long periods of time or my focus turns elsewhere. For example, the major cross stitch project listed and shown above took me more than four years to complete and I completed all the ornaments during that time period. 

After extensive time on pinterest and following other peoples how-to blogs, I realized that I can easily do the same thing. I love my projects and want to share them with others. I hope that I can inspire others to create. I will post my success and failures and want you, the reader, to learn from both. 

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