Monday, January 16, 2012

T-shirt Quilt Day One

At first, I considered writing a step by step instruction for the quilt. Then I stopped drinking the overambitious Kool-Aid. While I have made quilts before (ten years ago), I am NO expert. Please refer to a quilting book as I am or taking a class before starting your own project. I will be posting pictures of my progress with short explanations. 

So many t-shirts! It will be Aggietastic. 

Wash them all before starting your project. It will help prevent shrinkage.

Good quilting tools are an investment...or at least that is what I have been telling myself to swallow the sticker shock. 

My blocks at 15x15 and therefore will end up being 14.5x14.5 when I take the seam allowances into account. 

I was a little sad cutting up the shirts.

One of thirty shirt squares 

Yea the squares are cut!

I think the 15x15 squares turned out fairly well. I also cut out 7.5x7.5 squares for smaller logos or for some of the t-shirt's sleeves. I cut out eight of those squares and will turn those into two blocks. Next step, iron on the fabric stabilizers so the t-shirts will be less stretchy. 


  1. Hey dont leave this nieve quilter hanging...did you finish this lol...susan

  2. So sorry! I've been updating my other blog which is at There is the finished product though I slacked on keep a blow by blow of the construction. I'll try and do a better job with my current t-shirt project.